I stopped off at Founding Farmers before heading home from DC today and walked into a terrible interaction between the restaurant host and a man wanting a table. The man wasn’t happy with the wait time he was given, because he looked around and saw the restaurant mostly empty. I guess he didn’t realize there is a lot more that goes into restaurant service beyond empty tables. Did the restaurant have enough staff to serve all of those tables? Enough kitchen staff to keep up with orders in a reasonable time? Reservations for large parties that would arrive soon? This man didn’t know any of these things and just chose to berate the host for not immediately seating him and his friend before storming out.

Bravo to the restaurant host for keeping his cool through all of this. And who knows, maybe the guy was already having a bad day and chose to take it out on this restaurant employee who he decided was beneath him. I don’t know what he thought his behavior would get him. He didn’t get a table sooner; he didn’t get a table at all. He annoyed the people around him, probably annoyed himself, and missed out on an awesome breakfast place.

If you’re in DC and want a nice place for breakfast, or a place with a good drink selection, be sure to check out Founding Farmers. I had a great cocktail the night before and made sure to come back for breakfast after seeing all their baked goods. I highly recommend!

Crab cake benedict with maple pork sausage